Our Story

Gentle Mental was founded in 2022 in the middle of a mental crisis. I discovered that giving too much of you and not receiving enough from them will leave you with very little to work with when you need it. I had to come to terms with myself and admit that strong people need help too. After admitting this, I started journaling my feelings to better understand my mental struggles. Eventually, those thoughts begin to spill onto fabrics, and it was only when wearing my feelings on my sleeves that I discovered it’s okay not to be okay. Just as Gentle Mental clothing line comforts my mental health, my wish is that it also comforts you.

Shawnde “Dede” Floyd is a God-fearing, family-orientated, trendsetter that hails from the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana. Born and raised on the east side of Indy, Dede tributes her resilience and ability to overcome obstacles to her upbringing. Being the first in her family to graduate college, Dede has been seen as a pioneer in every aspect of her life. Her faith in God and her fearlessness has not only afforded her the opportunity to live out her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, but also has given her a chance to build a legacy and create generational wealth. With this platform she will continue to be a gift that keeps on giving.

Being in spaces we never imagined, not only getting a seat at the table but bringing the table.